Managed WordPress Hosting – What It Is and Why You Should Make Sure to Pick the Top Choice

Managed WordPress Hosting – What It Is and Why You Should Make Sure to Pick the Top Choice

Managed WordPress Hosting costs differ, with packages ranging from free to around $2,500 a month depending on the facilities and extent of service they provide. Most businesses invest in this as they know that the advantages of this service far out weight its comparatively higher costs.

They provide users with a platform that allows them to easily update content, upload, and publish articles, manage their blogs and social media accounts, and much more. This is done through a user-friendly administration area that is easy to use and allows an individual to customize it according to his needs.

Many businesses invest in managed WordPress hosting as it allows them to quickly grow their online business. These hosts provide users with a ready-made platform that they can further customize according to their needs.

The most important benefit of this is that it eliminates the need for them to be computer savvy so that it makes it easier for them to operate. In addition, they do not need any technical support from the start and do not require technical expertise to access the control panel. With managed WordPress hosting, users are able to work on a website uninterrupted.

Since managed WordPress hosting is usually provided by paid providers, the security levels offered are at par or even higher than that of free hosting. The hosting company protects the server from all kinds of threats, including security attacks, viruses, spam emails, intrusion attempts, and other cyber attacks.

Therefore, the users are provided with an environment that is virus and spyware-free. They also get round-the-clock technical support, which ensures that their website remains life at all times and is accessible to visitors around the clock. Options like wordpress hosting package from KnownHost keep your site secure and protects it from attacks that can ruin your business in the long run.

One of the major benefits of using managed WordPress hosting is that it offers automatic updates. It is very common for web hosts to provide these services but some do not make it automatic. With the automated updates, a new version of WordPress is installed on the server on a regular basis.

It means that users will be receiving automatic updates that include security fixes, performance tweaks, bug fixes, and lots more. Hence, hosting companies are able to offer users an enhanced experience. Some of the most notable providers of managed WordPress hosting include Namecheap, Hostgator, Hostmobile, Omnis Hosting, Host Papa, Host Gator, and many more.

Another major advantage is that it provides the opportunity to use custom features. Most users prefer to use customized features since it allows them to make the site unique and appealing. With managed WordPress hosting, you have complete control over your site.

You can change the theme and add different functionalities in the admin panel. If you need better control over the security, you can always install and use cPanel or Control Panel. This feature is very helpful, especially for beginners.

The third major advantage of managed WordPress hosting is that it is much cheaper than shared hosting. Shared hosts allow users to share the same server together. With this kind of hosting, there is a tendency for server crashes and downtime.

Even if the host has enough financial resources, they cannot guarantee continuous uptime for their clients because they depend on other hosts. It is true that they could shut down the server if they cannot obtain sufficient funds from the hosting provider.

On the other hand, if you have managed WordPress hosting, your server maintenance cost will be very minimal since you have only one user that needs access to your site. The fourth advantage is that it offers high-quality and efficient backup.

Most shared hosting plans do not provide backups at all. Even the cheapest of managed hosting services do provide server-level backups. This means that you do not need to wait for every upload or download to complete before making any copies.

The fifth advantage is that you have better control over the content and themes of your site. You are in charge of choosing the colors and text formatting for your website. With this, you can customize the look of your site exactly how you want it.

There are no sudden surprises when a sudden unexpected change happens on your site. If you have managed WordPress hosting provider, you can easily change the theme of your blog without having to learn any programming language.

In addition, your hosting provider can automatically create backlinks for your site whenever an article is published from any article directory.