10 Most Visited Landmarks in the USA

10 Most Visited Landmarks in the USA

Several US landmarks have become representatives of what the country looks like to the world because of their amazing features. Anyone wanting to visit the US would surely want to see one or two of these landmarks.

Even Americans from the 50 states who have never been to these places would surely love to see these sights. We have listed ten of the most popular landmarks that you must definitely include in your bucket list.

#1: Times Square (New York)

You probably see this place on television every year – when America counts down every second in welcoming the New Year.

Yes, Times Square is the place where the countdown happens. Brightly lit billboards adorn this busiest area of New York City. It is the favorite destination of most shopaholics. Latest estimates count its annual visitors to 42 million.

#2: Central Park (New York)

This vast park gives the busy and stressed people of New York a place to breath and unwind. It has a zoo known for its red panda, as well as seals, penguins, mongoose, grizzly bears, and more.

#3: Union Station (Washington DC)

The movies have also made this iconic place famous. It is by far the most popular train station in the US.

It brings in an estimated 36 million visitors each year. And why not? Aside from its epic design, it also offers diners, shops, a huge food court, and even a movie theater.

#4: Las Vegas Strip (Nevada)

This tourist destination is popular as a casino joint. But that’s not all what Las Vegas offers. It is a place for various entertainment events like Cirque du Soleil, magic shows, boxing matches, and lots more.

#5: Grand Central Terminal (New York)

The Grand Central Terminal is probably the busiest train station for commuters. An estimated 21 million people come here every year. This century old terminal also has both high-end restaurants and affordable eating joints.

#6: Walt Disney Resort (Florida)

Families touring the US almost always plan a trip to Disney’s Magic Kingdom. This massive theme park boasts of six different themes full of rides:

  • Adventureland,
  • Fantasyland,
  • Frontierland,
  • Tomorrowland,
  • Main Street, and
  • Liberty Square. 

#7: Disneyland Resort (California)

First time tourists to the US will not miss a trip to this theme park. The park rides are its biggest come on to 16 million tourists that flock here every year. People could not resist the joy the rides bring that satisfies the inner child in every adult.

#8: Golden Gate Bridge (California)

When it comes to iconic landmarks, give it to the Golden Gate Bridge. People visiting California would love to have a picture with this bridge as a backdrop. Yes, just a picture with this magnificent piece of construction.

Still, visitors could also opt for hiking and walking tours along the area, as well as eat in several cafes here.

#9: Faneuil Hall Marketplace (Massachusetts)

It is surprising that a marketplace made it to the list. However, there is no debate with this because it has welcomed 15 million visitors annually, and still growing.

People love what this place has to offer – shopping, dining, and entertainment, including physical fitness and outdoor classes.

#10: Golden Gate Park (California)

The Golden Gate Park offers various attractions to visitors, namely:

  • The California Academy of Sciences (a natural history museum)
  • De Young Museum (a fine arts museum)
  • The San Francisco Botanical Garden (has 9,000 plant varieties)
  • The Japanese Tea Garden (oldest public Japanese Garden)