10 Most Beautiful Places in the US

10 Most Beautiful Places in the US

Have you finally saved enough for the trip you’ve been planning to take for several months or years now?

You deserve a break! Go for it. And make sure you spend your money and time wisely by planning your itinerary. Check out our list of the most beautiful places in the US to get a good idea of where you want to go.

These places have earned high recommendations and votes from people who have been to these places, and would like to come back for more.

#1: Yosemite National Park (California)

The iconic massive granite rocks Half Dome and El Capitan are the main attractions of this national park. It is home to towering sequoia trees that are thousands of years old. It is also home to breathtaking views and waterfalls.

Visitors are mostly found in the Yosemite Valley where several waterfalls can be found – the Yosemite Falls, Sentinel Falls, Silver Strand Falls, and Horsetail Fall, to name a few.

#2: Crater Lake National Park (Oregon)

This famous crater lake formed in the mouth of Mount Mazama about 7,000 years ago when the said volcanic mountain erupted.

It has since then become a national attraction. Its blue lake offers scuba diving adventures for anyone wanting to explore what’s beneath the 2,000 feet deep lake.

During winter, the lake becomes a mirror-like reflection of the snow-capped cliff around the crater.

#3: Grand Canyon National Park (Arizona)

The Grand Canyon is a world-famous scenic attraction with jaw-dropping views. No photo could ever fully capture the natural beauty of this majestic place which can be visited via land transport, or viewed from above via helicopter tours.

It is a haven to trekkers, particularly, the less travelled raw beauty of the North Rim.

White rafter adventure can also be experienced at the Colorado River that runs through the Grand Canyon.

#4: Monument Valley (Arizona/Utah)

Are you a Wild West movie fan? If you are, you would definitely love to visit Monument Valley and its sprawling Wild West like scenery you see in movies.

Its iconic sandstone buttes stand proud at the Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park. And yes, it is a frequent shooting destination for Western-themed movies.

If you want to get a closer look and take lots of pictures, bring a 4×4 or take guided tours.

#5: Grand Teton National Park (Wyoming)

Grand Teton National Park derived its name from the Teton mountain range. It’s a perfect destination full of wildlife and picturesque lakes.

Hikers can also enjoy this park to their hearts delight as they walk through more than two hundred miles of trails. It is also a favorite among campers who frequent the place.

#6. Bryce Canyon National Park (Utah)

Bryce Canyon’s landscape is full of the most striking natural stone formations. The pinnacles found in this park have been formed from stream erosion and frost weathering.

The best time to get the perfect view is at dawn or dusk, when the flickering sun makes the hoodoos stand tall to display their red and pink colors.

#7. Alaska

Alaska is not just all about lots of snow that linger all year round. It is home to the most visited six million-acre Denali National Park & Preserve, as well as Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve, and the Ice Caves of Mendenhall Glacier, among others.

#8. Lake Tahoe (California/Nevada)

Whether it’s summer or winter, Lake Tahoe is a great destination. In summer, visitors can go biking around its bike trails, or paddle boats at the lake. Hikers are also welcome to explore the granite mountains surrounding the lake. In winter, this destination becomes a haven for ski enthusiasts.

#9. Montana

Montana is a great place to see glorious views sprawled along its vast mountainous areas. Tourists get treated to warm environments at the Boiling River and Mammoth Hot Springs. In winter, visitors head to Lone Mountain or Whitefish Mountain for ski trips.

#10. Yellowstone National Park (Wyoming)

If variety is what you’re looking for – Yellowstone National Park can give you that. This sprawling park has 2.2 million acres of land area, most of which are still unexploited. It has mountain ranges, canyons, lakes, hot springs, waterfalls, and geysers. It is also home to elks and buffalos, and about 700 grizzly bears.