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We will be discussing and signing copies of our book Long Island Oddities at the following dates and locations:

10/23/13 7PM Carle Place, Barnes and Noble

10/24/13 7PM Bay Shore, Barnes and Noble

10/30/13 7PM Lake Grove, Barnes and Noble


More info on the Chandler Estate here. ALSO this site was featured on ODD TV!

The Chandler Estate, located in Mount Sinai, has long been surrounded in local lore and legend. Ms. Chandler turned it into a boarding house teeming with interesting characters. Eventually it became abandoned and burned down over a year ago save for one building that is still occupied. All but the one building has been demolished now but the grounds remain abandoned as a little known county park.

Some time ago, the Swiss Embassy had someone living at the estate. As rumor has it, the local constituents of the church nearby thought the Swiss flag was satanic. This is not the last story of confrontation between the locals and the residents. One current resident was returning to his home only to find a group of children at his house. One of them reportedly said: "we're going to get you devil man"

While these accusations of demonic interest were falsely placed, the area still collects a number of stories. After the other buildings were abandoned, some explorers experienced feelings of intense breathlessness and dizziness in a certain area near one of the houses. The strange thing is all of the experiences concern the same specific area near where the fire escape stairs used to be. One fan submitted the blurred photo you see here on the bottom right. This was taken while experiencing these sensations. Sensations also include a feeling of being closed in and smothered. It seems to dissipate very quickly after a few steps away from the area. We do not know the reason for this odd phenomena nor is it always predictable. If you have had an experience there please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. us.   chandler1.jpg

The Mary Story:
Many areas of Long Island have legends concerning a deceased Mary that may still haunt the area. Most locals are familiar with at least one legend called Mary's Grave. According to our sources, Ms. Chandler made a call to a hotline used by former mental patients. A border there named Mary had someone from the state come every month to help her pay rent to Ms. Chandler. According to our source, she was calling as she had not seen Mary in some time and no one had come to pay the rent. The strange part is that sometimes in the evening she would see lights go on and off or hear noises in the room but was too afraid to enter. We don't know what

happened to Mary but her name was still stenciled on one of the doors until the building burned down.

A dark shadow has also been reported swooping over the head of explorers inside.

Other strange night travelers have been encountered on the woods path leading to the estate.


A young man carrying schoolbooks was seen at around 2AM. The path leads nowhere but to the estate and his books were wrapped in an old fashioned leather strap.

Is the Chandler Estate Haunted? Some say it is so evil that to even walk the grounds invites disaster. Some say there is no basis to this but rumor. The current residents seem to have no ghostly issues but we'll let you decide.

chandler4.jpg chandler-mary.jpg

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    true. i was freshman went to stonybrook. it was hard though- not many buses to time with your curriculum,and yes a scientist worked at stonybrook university he moved when got a post at pennsylvania university. there were parties down dirt road true,thought not so spooky as long as there were house lights and twinkling ones at barnacle house dirt road. spooky yes without electricity.

    I sent another email stating I used to know someone who lived on the Chandler Estate in the early 90s. The house in the pictures at the above link looks like the house she used to live in. It was called Pine Lodge and her room was that window next to the boarded up door on the second floor next to the fire escape. But the pictures definitely look like the layout of the house as I remembered it. Not sure if all the houses were laid out the same. I never really looked at the others because there were people living there back then.

    I live in Nassu and haven't been out there since about 1993 or 1994. Is this building still standing? These pictures were taken a year ago. We put an old Do Not Enter sign in the shed back in the 90s. Interested to see more and learn more of the story but your links at the top are dead.
    I used to know someone who lived on the Chandler Estate in the 90s. It was the house called Pine Lodge and it was all Stonybrook students or people who worked at Stonybrook U. They used to have large parties there. To get to the house you had to drive through a church parking lot and onto dirt roads. Did that building burn down? Didnt notice any haunted activity, but it was creepy at night driving on the dirt roads to get to the house. There was a lake and an abandoned canoe also.

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