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The Amityville Horror House

Located on a side street in Amityville, this house may hold some very dark secrets. Is it haunted? How were the DeFeos killed? Exploring the history of this house through various sources, including a first hand acount, brings out only more questions.

This is probably the most infamous property on Long Island. For those of you who may be unfamiliar with the details, you may find this interesting. Some of these details make absolutely no sense at all.

As far as we know the first people to have been notified of the DeFeo killings were the drunken masses at a local bar when Ronnie Defeo came running in. If you look hard enough you can even find the 911 transcript online. Supposedly when the locals arrived at his house they found the entire family one by one in their beds lying on their stomachs. This in itself is odd because Ronnie DeFeo Jr. supposedly used a .35 Marlin Rifle which is a very loud gun. The fact that no one in the same house heard the shots or if they did, neglected to move from their beds, is odd. What makes things even odder is that the mother was shot in the chest while his father was shot in the back. You cannot shoot someone in the chest if they are laying on their stomachs, you would logically have to go through the back first. This could mean that the family, or at least some of them, were moved into position on their stomachs after the shooting. Why do police records not indicate any evidence of dragging? According to what I have read, it looks as if every one of them was sleeping peacefully throughout the whole event. Did someone or even something tell the other family members to stay down? Also did something muffle the sound of the gunshots? As I said this is a loud gun. Why did no one on the street hear anything? If they were able to report hearing a dog barking, how did they miss the rest of the racket.

Some say the murders were done by some sort of mafia because Ronnie's father owed them money. This might be supported by Ronnie's initial denial. Even though he admitted to it later his story kept changing. This could be due to his supposed drug use and trauma related to the murders.

Is the Amityville House Haunted? I have a first hand account from the oil man from Oregon Fuel that used to service that house while the Lutz's were there. When they wrote their famous book they mentioned the house always being cold even with an oil heater and a fireplace going. If your house was constantly freezing cold and you were paying for oil, wouldn't you have a word or two with your oil man? Also according to Oregon Fuel records, they did not use up any unusually high amounts of oil. There are also rumors that the Lutz's might have gone in over their head with the house and may have been in a financial pinch. Was the book a purely profit making venture? Current residents have not reported any unusual activity when questioned. Are they hiding something to avoid publicity or is the haunted house really a hoax? There have been many investigations done and none have been completely decisive on the subject.

The address of this house was actually changed by request of the owners who were tired of the publicity.
This is a view from the edge of the driveway.
If you notice, the large Dutch wondiws that made te house o scary looking are gone now, replaced by more ordinary ones.

Comments (65)

    I heard a few weeks ago the house is for sale again.
    the house isnt haunted to land is by the indians who were slaughterd and murdered by the ketchams and the ketcham followers ... try searching the history of the land rather than the history of the house and u will find the name jerimiah ketcham do a search on him and look what you will find then u tell me what could have possibly been more paranormal than anything ......... oh and byt the way i live within walking distance to the actual house on ocean ave as i grew up here on long island
    I really hate to be a Debby downer but I happen to know for a fact that this was not a Oregon Fuel Account and has been a Slomins Oil account for a very very long time.So the " oil guy " you have sited here as a reference is full of it. I can most likely get you documented proof that this was a Slomins Oil account and I know many Oil burner mechanics that have been to the house for service calls and such.
    i would love to go live there and see what happens :-x
    If the current owners were smart, they would turn the house into an attraction or local museum. They could make alot of money for themselves and the community.
    actuall in the movie there is a john ketchem but in real life there never was the defao son just wanted to kill his parents the lutz were haunted because of what happened to the defaos. the land actually use to be a farmland and noone had problems util the Defaos. They lived there for 9 years until the murders happened the lutz's only lives there for a day.
    I want to know the story!
    As in why was the house haunted?
    I want to know who owned the house before the Defeo family!
    Do people not care that someone murdered thier own family in there? jesus people if the place is haunted we should just leave it alone. I would think that the people of amityville would just like it to be a normal house again. I mean honestly, someone as sick as "butch" DeFeo doesnt deserve the attention.
    I like th ehouse and would liek to visit and see inside for a day or so. But that will never happen.
    i think that 112 ocean avenue is haunted by john matthews defeo and jodie defeo although the two people i am reffering to are bith children and a preist freind of george lutz's, Father Ralph J. Pecoraro heard a masculine voice, when he was performing a cleansing of the house, heard a masculine voice say "get out". Also george lutz decided to do his own ritual and he heard a childs voice say "will you stop?!".
    does anyone know the new address to the house
    i believe that the house is possessed because of satan,the evil one.why not?the devil is desperate he will try to possess anyone or anything that or whom isn't walking with GOD!!
    whatever happened in that house, it must have a logical explanation, or else it could happen to us too. :o :cry:
    It is something to think about. The lutzes just hurled outside in the night and escaped the house's territory without taking anything with them after residing for 28 days, how can it be possible that all family members heard the same voices at night? either someone was pulling a very ugly joke on them or something really happened , maybe they were telling the truth.
    :-* :oops: :lol: ;-) :o :o :cry: :-x :-x :-x :-x :P :zzz :-x :eek:
    I had my first experience. When i was 5 im 23 now. I have the gift of being able to talk hear an see the non living an yes i use it. I believe the house is haunted. I'd love to beable to go to the house an talk an listen to what they may reply. Atleast a month so i can get the true facts an story. Yes it scary sometimes using my gift but the lord gave me the gift so ill do with it what i can.
    Im 23 now an i had my first experience. When i was 5 til this day i still have the gift of being able to see hear an talk to the non living. I wish i could go to the house an get to talk an listen. To what they have to say an find out as to why there's such a evil presence an why their haunting it. I'd love to stay in the house atleast a month in order to gain all the true facts.i have a gift an im gonna use it though it can be scary at times
    :sad: This has bugged me...if Butch said "the devil made him do it" that would mean that house was haunted before they moved in....and if Ronald Sr Did abuse him...i understand that motive and the mother for not protecting them....but WHY kill the kids?? :cry:
    ok this has bugged me...even IF Ronald Sr abused the kids and that is WHY Butch killed them and said "the devil made him do it" well wouldnt that mean the house has a haunted history before they moved in?? For some reason I have been fascinated with this story...another thing...I understand killing father and mother (cause she didnt protect them)but WHY kill the kids??
    I want to lead a investigation to the site My number is 1347 466 3373 NEED VOLUNTEERS!!!!
    Oh my gosh I wanna go there so baaaaaadd!!!!! :D I'm not saying I'd wanna live there but it'd be pretty awesome to stay there 'till the spirits ran me out :D
    OMG! this house is so amazing with all the histroy behind it...... i would go to the house and try to interact with john matthews. because evry one jst needs a friend..... :lol: :lol:
    :P i kinda think the whole amityville horror is just fiction but at the same time scarey!!!!
    There is evidence, based on the now-grown boys speaking up,that George & Kathy Lutz were into the occult.They both practiced TM and,even more chilling, George Lutz (according to his now-grown stepson) called up names of demons. I have experienced paranormal activity in my own life, so I definitely know there are "haunted houses". My personal belief on this one is that George's behavior and occultic practices gave energy to what was already some darkness in the house.
    But, based on the fact that the Lutzes never mentioned their occultic fascination on their seventies publicity tour, that they were severly spooked by the haunting, yet they also used it to justify getting out of a mortgage they couldn't afford and to make a little money. I believe the whole story is a mixture of everything that's been written. The 1st movie was the better one: more accurate to the book, although the end was ridiculous & never happened, according 2 all Lutzes
    stop posting all your bis on here people and the house is really nice on the inside if u saw the movie. :eek: get u some people.
    I am watching the movie right now and honestly its freaking me out
    so would i like to see the house maybe
    but honestly i think i would pee my self because i honestly believe in the supernatural
    I am watching the movie right now and honestly its freaking me out
    so would i like to see the house maybe
    but honestly i think i would pee my self because i honestly believe in the supernatural
    I think you guys really need some other social event didn't your parents ever teach you that movies aren't real so what if the house is real doesn't mean it is haunted
    my biggest life goal is to get the money to buy the house and move in it would be awesome howeveri feel holrrible about the people who lost thier lives in there,but im a huge paranormal junkie and love the movies house is fantastic come on lottery.......
    [quote name="william puglisi"]Going back a few moons ago, the year slips me now, myself wife and children decided to take a trip from North Jersey to see the house. after pulling down the block and turning around we parked outside. It wasn't two minutes later I felt a very evil presence coming twords the truck, my hair stood up and we flew out of there. Two days later on my way to work I heard a family was killed in there. If I heard someone tell this story I would be apprehensive myself. I do have the gift of discernment, and I know what I felt ( experienced ). After that, if there arises question as to weather or not that house is or was haunted, I wouldn't hesitate a second to say yes...[/quote]i lived there for two days the first night my dog started to bark then yelped when i saw her her head was back wards the next day i burryd her and left
    i just read an article that claimed the house was never haunted in the first place.. and the Luzts or however you spell it admitted to making it up with the lawyer of Butch Defeo, so that they could get money and the lawyer could request another trial... oh and the priest that supposedly ran from the house had an interview with a guy named moran and told him that he never saw anything in the house.. the article was very informative..
    Would love to purchase home. I do not believe its haunted :-?
    i love this house and gost r
    I tend to believe the story of the Lutz's getting in over their heads more so than anything else. I am, by no means, a skeptic when it comes to hauntings (have had my fair share of interesting encounters), but the story was too fantastic to believe. That is just my opinion.
    Tbh, I think everyone making a fuss of this house is kinda stupid. Sure, people got killed in that house and it was upsetting but do we really need to make up all these pathetic stories on it? I do believe in ghosts but I highly doubt that the house is haunted. If it was haunted then there would ne more reports and proof on it.
    That is just my opinion. Maybe it's wrong and there are ghosts haunting that house. But then again, maybe not.
    The house was not haunted by a girl by the name of Jody - Jody or Jodie was a pig!
    Don’t be confused by the movies – if you want an accurate account of what George and Kathy Lutz believe happened at 112 Ocean Avenue, then read the Amityville Horror by Jay Anson
    I woould leave the person be its there trying to tell you to keep out the more you go looking the more people will get hurt pls pls stay away pls
    I believe in spirits, my question is does anyone live in the house now? No one thinks that those were people that were killed. Children were shot to death have some respect. They did not ask to become some movie. May those poor people rest in peace. I have three kids of my own I can't imagine such a thing. Thank you for your time.
    There are indian burial grounds all over long island up and down that shore of course it not just that house that is haunted there are plenty of other houses in that area that are as well it just so happens that murders happened in that house. The house is haunted by the little girl but also indian spirits that are furious about buildings on their sacred burial grounds thats all!
    U.S. Army veteran and Amityville haunting survivor Christopher John Quaratino is taking a stand. Quaratino, is formerly known as (fka) Christopher Lutz, one of the three children of George and Kathy Lutz. The Lutz family lived through what became known as "The Amityville Horror."
    I don't know what to say but if all that stuff would of happened I would of hall up out of the.I can see that one of my family is going crazy and actting strang and stuff I'm telling you you want see me around there no more :-? :-?. At the time im writing this i was looking at it on the part when the little girl was standing on top of the ruff :cry: at first i thought she was going to fall and break her arm or leg :eek: lord
    i live in centralia penssylvania and is relly scare ther are ghost and dimons
    Hi, I live in South Africa and just find the entire story so interesting. Does anybody know where I can find out the history of the house before the Defoe's moved in?? I love creepy stories liks this. :roll:
    so is it true that you can stay at the house to see if anything happens to you?
    and if so where can i find that information
    that house, if it really is indeed haunted, should be torn down and made into a grave yard. evil can't haunt the dead cos they no longer exist! duh!
    of course, money, not humanity, takes precedence :sad:
    I am interested to stay in the house for a few week's, or maybe a mouth or two.If they would let people pay to stay for a week.It would be a good investment,to the person that buy's the house.I have seen the inside of the house and its is beautiful house, inside and out.
    Wow I Cant Believe That The House Still Stands......I Thouqt It Was Knocked Down And Completely Re-Built Years Aqo....I Think Its Still Scary Of The Thouqht Of What Happened With The DeFeos And The Lutzs Is A True One.....I Wonder Now If Anythinq Interestinq Still Happens :o
    [quote name="kityra"]im wondering if the house is still haunted today if it is still haunted i would love to visit or live their :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:[/quote]Haven't you heard the saying "Evil Never Dies"? If that house truly is haunted it always will be. MY take on hauntings are, something horrible is always happening worldwide, so after 4 billion years, wouldn't the world be haunted already? It's something to ponder on for a while.
    I love this house i wish i can buy it, idk theres just somthing about it and the history and the outlook of it makes it more cozy looking. R.I.P DEFIO FAMILY :sad:
    i would not want to live there is would be scare but i would visty there
    The Lutzes [no apostrophe in plurals!] bought a house they couldn't afford then found out why it was cheap. They made up the hauntings b.s. to try to get out of the purchase. VERY GULLIBLE AMERICANS fell for it. This is a country that loves VAMPIRE stories and "Reality TV" brainless b.s. No wonder we've lost our high standings in education and science. We are a nation of ignorant, superstitious, besottedly religious, easily-fooled lunatics, living only for entertainment. "I love the house because it's haunted"! YOUR BRAINS are ghostly--dead, only seemingly there!
    All these stories about house being haunted is full of typical nonsense coz if you look into the current scenario there are people living in that house. If the house was actually haunted, the evil spirits would not be that smart to choose who to scare. In fact, these days ghosts are scared of people thats why we don't see it. I would also say that the killing is also ambiguous coz neighbors should have heard the gun shot as we know that a gun shot can be heard from miles apart unless the house is sound proof. And it makes sense that DeFeo Jr was not shooting birds at 3 in the morning.
    Gentelemen: I beleave that the house in Amityville Horror House , is still is haunted.The girl by the name of Jody still I haunts The Amityville Horror House?I would liie to visit the haunted house! I heard all about the murders, that happend in the house!
    im just interested in the ghosts that are said to haunt the house
    :-x :D :lol: :-) ;-)
    we are friends :D :lol: :oops: :cry:
    im wondering if the house is still haunted today if it is still haunted i would love to visit or live their :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
    :eek: it still gives me the creeps even with the windows replaced
    i don't know but it has still something they that gives me the crepps
    We are waiting for our spirits 2 unite!!!!!!!!!!!
    Going back a few moons ago, the year slips me now, myself wife and children decided to take a trip from North Jersey to see the house. after pulling down the block and turning around we parked outside. It wasn't two minutes later I felt a very evil presence coming twords the truck, my hair stood up and we flew out of there. Two days later on my way to work I heard a family was killed in there. If I heard someone tell this story I would be apprehensive myself. I do have the gift of discernment, and I know what I felt ( experienced ). After that, if there arises question as to weather or not that house is or was haunted, I wouldn't hesitate a second to say yes...
    i love the house and everything about it
    i love that house its soo cool,, i love hounted houses there so interesting i would so stay in that house to see what would happen
    i think that house is soo cool and interesting, i love hounted houses, and i would soo stay in that house and see what would happen
    :-) i want to see that house, because it look so interesting, i love hounted houses there soo cool, i would so spend the night in that house 8)

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